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Know what guests are saying about you with your own review form

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21 Jul '20
Guests are generally digitally genuine. As a holiday park you want guests to rate their stay. You want to know how they experienced aspects such as reception, accommodation, facilities and hygiene, so that you can make appropriate adjustments. A negative review on a part is not nice, but you can see this as constructive. It's up to you to take this feedback as a guide for improvements. Would you like as many guests as possible to leave a review? We explain how to create your own review form for your holiday park.
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Create your 'own' review form

Create your own review form aimed at your park. There are several platforms on which you can collect reviews. Often these are general reviews that you have no control over. The "danger" of such a platform is that the visitor leaves your website for this and you have to bring him or her back to your website from there.
By making your own review form, you can bring every part that is important for your holiday park. Is your organization located in the city? Then do not ask questions about nature. A different part may be important for each guest. For a family with children, a playground, fun animation team or swimming pool with slides is important.

Can a review form be sent through your reservation system? Then the review is linked to the guest, so you can respond to this during a subsequent stay. You can choose to automatically display guest reviews on your website. Of course you can check in advance which you do and do not want to show.

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5 tips for building your review form

Tip 1 - Translate the review form

Explain how the form works in each language. You will undoubtedly welcome guests from different countries. It is therefore very important that each guest understands how to give feedback.

Tip 2 - Make an introduction

Is a score of 1 point high or low? In the Netherlands, 1 point is bad, but in Germany it is good. Therefore explain this. In addition, indicate what you will use the review for and thank the guest.

Tip 3 - Use a combination of reviews

You have reviews such as a scale from 1 to 10, yes/no and open questions. We recommend a combination. A review from 1 to 10 is clear for your statistics on the reviews. However, you also want the guest to be able to explain his or her experience. For this you use open questions.

Tip 4 - Highlight one answer per review on your website

Long reviews are not read quickly by potential guests. It is therefore best to highlight one answer. This can be a general question, such as: 'What did you like the most about the stay?'. You use specific questions on the components internally to improve your quality.

Tip 5 - Do not make the review form too long

Indicate in advance how long it takes to complete a review. Guests are more likely to start a review if they know it only takes 1 minute of their time. Therefore, do not make the review form too long.

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Evaluate the reviews you have received once a week, two weeks, or per month. The reservation system keeps you informed of all reviews by an automatic weekly email. Find out about which parts receive less good reviews and improve them. The next month you will immediately see if your actions have led to improvements. Reviews ensure that you stay sharp and help with the optimization of your holiday park.

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Do you have any questions or would you like to know more about how to make a good review form? Please contact me or one of my colleagues!

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