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The consequences of corona in the recreation industry

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26 Mar '20
Corona is hitting the recreation industry hard and we understand the concerns of recreation entrepreneurs. Some of you will still receive a few last-minute reservations, especially the spacious holiday parks located in nature. Obviously, this does not outweigh the negative consequences of the coronavirus. Is the phone ringing off the hook? An email box full of cancellations? Angry annual guests at the reception? We do our utmost to get through this together.

Vouchers instead of refund

Due to the measures taken by the government, we see that many reservations are canceled. You don't want to refund the payments already made, but you prefer to send a voucher that allows guests to make a new booking for the amount they have paid. This way you keep the income from the reservation.

A voucher is also more favorable for the guest, because the voucher usually has a higher credit than what the guest should be payed to the cancellation policy.

Our technical team developed immediately practical vouchers, only four days after the announced measures. This allowed our users to immediately start canceling the reservations.

Marketing in these times

Although it may seem obvious to interrupt your marketing activities, we advise: do not stop marketing. This makes the restart much heavier later. Therefore, stay visible in an appropriate way, so that the relationship you have built up is not lost and people are able to reach you again after the crisis. Make sure you don't lose sight of the (potential) guest! In this blog we give practical tips for marketing in times of crisis.

Doubt greatest frustration

Through intensive contact we notice the biggest frustration of our users: not knowing what to expect. The government does not yet order a closure, but everyone is afraid that it will still happen. In addition, the big question is: how can we guarantee safety? For our guests, but also for our staff? All scenarios are worked out every day and that causes a lot of stress. We see that some parks choose to close to get rid of this uncertainty.

Stay in touch

We also hear that you, entrepreneurs, contact each other during this difficult time. You discuss practical matters, but also how you can survive the crisis. We still have our online community. Perhaps these exceptional situations are the time to meet (and discuss) here.


Our marketing team keeps a close eye on all developments in search and book behavior and, as soon as possible, they will do everything that's in its power to boost bookings.

Academy for new employees

If we look ahead and pick up the bookings again, you want to be flexible and be able to scale up quickly. This means that you have to train new staff quickly.

To help our users with this, we are currently developing an Academy Book Basic Booking Experts. With this academy new (seasonal) employees learn the basis of Booking Experts on the basis of videos, assignments and in a demo administration.

We are of course available for all your questions via support@bookingexperts.nl.

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