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The intelligent (lockdown) holiday park

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29 Apr '20
What does the holiday park in the 1.5 meter society look like? Now that we are expected to go on holiday en masse in our own country, this brings with it opportunities and challenges. We are happy to take you through the seven points in which we see opportunities. In most regions, the measures have been relaxed and campsites and holiday parks are allowed to open to visitors who use their own sanitary facilities. The safety of your guests and your staff is of course most important, but we also have to think about the holiday park in this new reality. Below we describe seven opportunities for the intelligent holiday park.

1.Work in the cloud

The safety of your employees is of course one of the priorities in this day and age. By working in the cloud, employees have the opportunity to do their work from any place, from any device. Meeting the 1.5 meter distance is much easier this way. A good stable basis for your work processes is essential in this hectic time, when you are busy with new opportunities and measures. The cloud provides this foundation.

For example, share your files via G Suite and have the phone transferred through a party such as Voys.

2. Automate your check-in procedure

The 1,5 meter society becomes the new normal. So also in receiving your guests at the park. Therefore, automate your check-in procedure to avoid long lines and possible contact at the reception. This can be done, for example, by license plate recognition, so that guests are automatically checked in when they drive through the gate. Impersonal? Visit the guest after check-in with a small personal gift. This way you avoid large groups together, but you retain personal attention.

If you do not have license plate recognition and you work with a turnstile or barcodes, make a drive thru check in and move your reception to the gate. Very easy when you work in the cloud.

3. Communicate proactively

In hectic times full of uncertainty, good communication is essential. Guests want to be well informed about the measures you have taken as a holiday park, so that they go on a holiday with peace of mind and aware of the new state of affairs at your park. This starts with good information on your website. In addition, ensure that you keep in active contact via automated emails with your arriving and departing guests. Also ask them to think along with you and make use of the wisdom of the crowd. What are they missing? Do they have new ideas? Together we create an intelligent holiday park.

4. F&B

Now that F&B is flat across the country, we see plenty of new initiatives emerging in this industry. Many restaurants deliver or are open for orders. We saw it before the crisis when campsites deliver pizzas to the property to avoid crowds and waiting times, so avoid queues at the snack bar and deliver orders to the park. Do you have the space and possibilities among your staff and kitchen to set up your catering facilities outside? Then experiment with tables that are more than a meter and a half apart or equipt with plexiglass if this is not feasible. But think carefully about the safety for your employees.

5. Animation

For children under the age of twelve, the measures have been relaxed since April 28, they are allowed to exercise together again as a team without observing the one and a half meter distance. This offers opportunities for recreation. Work with subscribing to activities so that you are not surprised by too large groups. In addition, spread the activities throughout the day. but also be clear to the parents about getting or bringing the children and their presence at activities. After all, the distance of one and a half meters applies to them.

6. Play facilities

Although much is still unknown about the spread of the virus via surfaces and children have been allowed to play together again since 28 April, it can be a comforting idea to clean the devices more often. Also pay attention to the distribution of your devices, so that children can play with each other in different places.

7. Set a good example

A good example to your guests is essential in an intelligent holiday park. If you want your guests to stick to "the new normal" and the distance of 1.5 meters, make sure your employees do the same. Start the conversation to see where this is difficult and how you can solve it together. Together we must go to a new kind of holiday, an experiment that we must all undertake.

Let's take this opportunity to ensure that we can recreate in a healthy way, because as Floortje Dessing tells ,the travel journalist, "we have absurdly beautiful nature in the Netherlands"

Have you already taken measures at your holiday park that you would like to share to make all holiday parks 1.5 meters proof together? Share it with us.

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