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Update: improvements in our support articles

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17 Jul '19
Recently, our intern Maaike did a graduation thesis on the use of our support articles.
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Support articles

Recently, our intern Maaike did a graduation thesis on the use of our support articles. Although not all users of Booking Experts make full use of it, there is a large group of users who consult the articles in case they encouter something. The study has identified some areas for improvement that we immediately started to work on: * Alphabetic order: to scan our support articles, we have put the articles, per module, in alphabetic order as much as possible; * No result: to increase the results of searches, we have written a support article with tips and trics to gain better results; * Videos: It was indicated that adding short instructional videos would certainly increase the use of support articles. We immediately started to make more videos. We will add these to the articles in a short term.

We hope that you will find more specific and faster answers to all your questions.


Our support team are always available for questions via the chat. We do our utmost best to respond to your questions as quickly as possible with the most complete answers. The same applies to this: the clearer your question, the better we can formulate an answer. Use the tips from this support article to state your question as clear as possible.

Chat vs. telephone

We often ask customers wo call by phone to ask their question via chat rather than by telephone. We prefer questions by chat. Why? For the following reasons: * Good answers: A question via the chat can be picked up directly by an available support member; * Technical support: Is it a technical question? Then we can discuss this question directly with one of our technical colleagues; * Monitoring: Through the chat, we have insight in all the questions that are asked. We can take action on this, such as organizing a training, adjusting support articles or adjusting our development planning.

This also has it advantages: for example, you can always re-read an answer to your question. Questions that are not yet included in a support article will be processed immediately.

If we receive a question by telephone, it may happen that we propose to ask you the question via the chat again.

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