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Sending automatic emails? We share 3 tips!

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07 Jul '20
It is a very busy period at the receptions, because of a great peak in summer reservations and no 'training' period in te pre-season to get in the flow. You can partially relieve the reception with the use of auto e-mails, because your guests actively answer their questions before arrival. Using auto e-mails gives you the possibility to send personalized information to your guests. You decide how widely you want to use the e-mails based on filters that you set. We give 3 tips for good and fun auto e-mails.
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Tip 1 - Communicate proactively

With an auto e-mail before the guest's arrival, you can remove any questions, which leads to less pressure on the reception.

Is there a maximum of 15 people in the toilet block and swimming pool allowed and is this measured by a special column? Is the animation program adapted (and visible online) and do the children dance in hoops to keep their distance? Or is there a construction zone in August? Send the guest this information before arrivel.

You will inform the guest in advance, they will greatly appreciate that and this will prevent you from contacting the reception about this.

Set the auto emails for the most common languages. For Dutch holiday parks it is often Dutch, German and English.

Tip 2 - Promote social media

Promote your social media channels. You want to create followers. Think of Facebook for the mothers and Instagram and TikTok for the children. Or do you have your own app that you can promote?

There are always colleagues who want to manage these channels, such as Instagram and TikTok by the animation team. The creatives of your holiday park know exactly what the children like, such as a water slide test or the sing-alongs of their favorite animation figure. For example, send this commercial auto e-mail to guests with children a month after the reservation has been made, so that they can have fun with the whole family before even arriving.

You can also promote activities in the region. Let your guests experience how much fun a holiday in this region is!

Tip 3 - Guests book extras

If you use auto mails, you can also do upselling. In the auto mail you place a button with which guests can directly book extras. For example breakfast or bicycles for rent. This is pleasant for the guest and financially interesting for you!

Do you want to give extra attention to the 1.5 meters in your restaurant, with the same (or more) turnover? Go deliver meals. Guests can order this online and eat it in front of their tent or accommodation.

Do you want more tips or do you have questions about setting up auto e-mails? Please contact me or my colleagues.

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